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The crane will hoist and set the 8,000 lbs concrete k-Rail, a two man crew is required to Pin and Secure the k-rail to its designated location. 
Temporary Crash Cushion Array TS14, installed (above) and ready for offload (right)
A barrel picker is hooked to the crane in order to move and place 2,100lbs-700lbs Crash Cushion barrels. 
Size and Weight Specs for Temporary Concrete 

32" High by 24"wide at base
10' Sections (4,000 Lbs)
20' Sections (8,000 Lbs)

Crash Cushions are placed at the beginning of a K Rail taper to protect motorist from a collision. Depending on speeds, you will be required to install a TS14 or TS11 per Caltrans specifications.  
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